CB! Family Vacation Packages

Ciao Bambino!’s Family Vacation Packages are perfectly tailored to help you plan and enjoy family friendly trips around the world. Each of our packages is focused on helping you save time and money, offering vetted recommendations to ensure your travel experience is enjoyable — even before you leave your home!

Time Saved

Why fix what’s not broken? Instead of starting from scratch when planning your next trip, you can access our tried-and-tested trip plans without extensive time spent researching, planning, looking up recommendations, booking activities and more. And while many companies only have set group itineraries for family friendly trips like this . . . not us! CB! Family Vacation Packages are private and created for a unique experience shared by your family alone.

Money Saved

Our Family Vacation Advisors work with families in one of two ways: they can either create a bespoke itinerary where all the elements of your trip are hand-selected or if one of our pre-bundled packages is just what you had in mind, our planners can work with the package of your choice to get your trip all set up — and save you planning time and money. Our packaged trips are priced not only to offer you an incredible family-friendly experience, but also to offer you value. If the experience described in one of our Family Vacation Packages already appeals to you, no doubt the money you save will too.

Vetted Hotels and Activities

Not only have we planned out itineraries in some of the best international locations in the world, we have also vetted every place you’ll end up and everything you will do. At Ciao Bambino!, we have always prioritized making trusted recommendations to our clientele. Because our story was born out of our own love of travel and a desire to continue that experience with a child, we only recommend the activities and the places we trust to the families who trust us.

We have done the work so you don’t have to. You can live like a local in Paris, take a wee tour of Scotland, explore the best of Italy or take a road trip down the California coast — and so much more. Each of our family vacation packages includes our tried-and-true itineraries, in-depth consultations and best-of-the-best recommendations to ensure you have an unforgettable experience that’s tailored to your whole family!