Getting Around Italy by Train

At home we covet the latest tech gadget and are frustrated by anything that seems arcane – but drop us in Italy for a vacation and suddenly we’re waxing poetic about how delightfully romantic and old-fashioned it is to chug around the country by train. Until, that is, something doesn’t go according to plan at the train station.

Getting around Italy by train can be just as delightful and romantic as you imagine it will be if you know what to expect and you’re willing to improvise.

Rome Week: Rome iPhone Apps

After I published my recent article on Italy iPhone apps, Ciao Bambino’s Amie contacted me and said, “Love it! Now, can you do one just for Rome apps?” I assumed, given the number of apps in the App Store, that there would be plenty to choose from to make a Rome-only list – and I was right.

For this post, I tried to find apps that were not only good for any trip to Rome but might be particularly useful if you were traveling to Rome with kids …

How to Order Coffee in Italy

You don’t need to be a hard-core foodie to appreciate the culinary offerings in Italy – and you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a truly Italian dining experience every single day. In fact, in most places, it’ll cost you less than €2 total. What am I talking about here? Why, Italian coffee, of course!

The typical Italian breakfast consists of a tiny cup of espresso (or some similarly small espresso drink) and a pastry, consumed in a minute or two while standing at the bar.