Thoughts on Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids

I recently read Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids by Leslie Forsberg and Michelle Duffy. I have to admit that while I’m a big fan of travel guidebooks, I never read books about traveling with children. Given that I’ve done quite a bit of traveling with my own kids, I was surprised that I came away with so many helpful tips and ideas.  Real life anecdotes by traveling parents add color throughout and continually encourage the reader to take that that ever-daunting family trip.

My two favorite things about the book are its user-friendliness and the Hot Tips sections. For these reasons alone, it’s a great resource for anyone traveling with kids. While all age groups and levels of travel experience are covered, each section is labeled individually so that you can easily find the information that’s applicable for your family and skip the parts that are not. This detail allowed me to really focus on the information that I wanted and not spend a lot of time on extraneous material. The Hot Tips sections provide extra insight or advice on the chapter topics. I found interesting new trip ideas and especially appreciated tips about how to entertain the little travelers on those long car or plane rides!

If you are new to family travel this is a great book to get you started, and if you are an expert you’ll be surprised at how many new ideas and adventures are out there!

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