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Indoor Waterpark Thrills with Kalahari Resorts

What’s an indoor waterpark? Sounds like a silly question if you live in the Midwest or East Coast where they are popular, but we don’t have them in California. Imagine three football fields filled with indoor water slides, lazy rivers, wave machines, and play structures. Put a cover over it and you’ve got an indoor waterpark — at least Kalahari style.

Just Got Back From Mission Beach, San Diego

San Diego has so many kid-friendly activities, but in the summer, it’s the sand and surf that are the real attraction—and, best of all they are free! Beaches are plentiful and easy to access and the sand and surf provide hours of entertainment for both the kids and parents.

We just got back from a trip where we decided to check out Mission Beach. I hadn’t been down to Mission Beach for a while and I had heard from other families that Belmont Park was fun so we decided to check it out.

Where to Stay at Atlantis Resort

The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas is an amazing seaside playground for kids and grownups. From the large water park, to the amazing number of marine animals, to the 11 pools, Atlantis offers tons to do – all of it with a beach view.

I stayed at Atlantis with my then four-year-old son in the winter of 2010 (we were hosted by the resort, LEGO, and JetBlue) and we spent our three days there exploring every corner of this enormous resort …

Photo Friday: Review of Legoland’s New Water Park

We spent last weekend in San Diego and had the opportunity to check out the new Legoland Water Park. My favorite thing about Legoland in general is that it’s so optimized for toddlers and school-aged kids.

You don’t have to worry about rides that are too scary (using your judgement based on your kids) and unruly teens.