Tips for Visiting Marrakech with Kids

When you’re ready to dip your children’s tiny little toes into Africa, Marrakech, in the heart of the former French colony of Morocco and a short skip from Spain, is where to begin. With its wide Parisian-style boulevards in the new part of the city and its narrow rabbit warren-like donkey cart runs within the old walls of the Medina, it offers both first world luxury and developing world charm.

fresh food tuscan meal

Fantastic Personal Chef in Tuscany

Self-catering apartments and villas are ideal accommodations when traveling with kids in the countryside of Italy. The only downside is that if there is no onsite restaurant available, the meal hassle-factor grows exponentially.

Here’s why:

1. Villages are rarely walkable from rural apartments and villas in Tuscany. Even if the accommodations are within walking distance, these are not roads that are kid-friendly, particularly at night. Think no sidewalks, no lights, blind corners …


Conquering the Amalfi Coast with a Toddler

The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations. We get many requests from our readers requesting advice on exploring this breathtaking part of Southern Italy with young kids. This post is long overdue …

Everyone who regularly reads this blog knows I love Italy with children of all ages. Ironically, however, the Amalfi Coast …

Finding the Best Family-Friendly Vacation Rental

Villa, home, cabin, apartment and/or condo—where you go may change what it’s called and what it looks like—however, the process to find and rent independent accommodations for family vacations is the same.

There are two main sources on the Web for rental inventory: 1) direct-from-owner-sites like VRBO/HomesAway/ (the list of options is exploding) and 2) rental agencies who facilitate rentals and services on behalf of the owner.

How to Rent a Vacation Home with Friends and Stay Friends

The title of this post is a bit misleading because it implies that every friend is a good candidate for sharing a vacation home. I’d argue this is not the case—just because you are great friends at home doesn’t mean you are a good match to share a rental.

When I organized villa rentals for families as part of our Italy trip planning service, there were several occasions when families didn’t get along on the road and it tarnished the vacation for everyone.