EmptyMet tour, Metropolitan Museum of Art

EmptyMet: A Unique Way to See New York’s Metropolitan Museum Without the Crowds

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City draws more than 6 million visitors a year. Translation: On any given day, you might share its hallowed halls with about 16,000 other art enthusiasts — an overwhelming crowd level for kids, especially smaller ones who can’t see over anyone’s head. Add in the fact that most children will only spend…

Saraceno New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Best New York City Exhibits with Kids

Visiting museums with kids is the perfect way to pair education with entertainment. With over 50 museums to choose from in New York, finding a kid-friendly expert who can highlight the best exhibits for different age groups is key. Natasha Schlesinger is that person. She runs art education classes just for kids in New York at ArtXplorers, as well as ArtMuse, providing museum and gallery tours for all ages.

Here’s Natasha’s round up of the best museum exhibits for kids in New York City this fall:


Five Favorite Kid-Friendly Excursions in New York City

In my opinion, this metropolis is the granddaddy of all kid-tastic cities. Besides having bundles of tot-friendly activities and destinations, the mere experience of gallivanting through streets bustling with taxis, pedestrians and action thrills kids of all ages. As soon as you plunk your toddler in his stroller or let your tween pop in her…