Carmel Valley Ranch Landscape California

Discover Carmel Valley Ranch

Carmel is one of my favorite family getaways. If I didn’t call Northern California Wine Country home, I could easily see myself having a Carmel area code. Locals are lucky. They have mountains and the sea and everything in between. So do visitors who hang their hat at Carmel Valley Ranch.

Readers have been gushing about Carmel Valley Ranch since it got its $35 million makeover. When my family was offered the opportunity to explore the property, I jumped at the chance. Now I can’t wait to go back.

Swimming Pool at Miraval Spa in Arizona

Parents Only Getaway: Miraval Arizona

My love for spa’s started after my second son was born. He cried for hours each night and I remember thinking that I needed to go somewhere very quiet! About a year later, I discovered the restorative and rejuvenating benefits of a spa vacation.

Miraval Arizona is one that consistently makes all of the “Top Destination Spas” list and my husband and I were lucky enough to be invited on a corporate trip to experience it first hand. My husband never been to a destination spa before and assumed they would …

Happy Valentine’s Day! Kid-Friendly Romantic Getaways

I know, kid-friendly + romantic getaway is an oxymoron. If you have unlimited access to childcare you need not worry about combining the two. If not, you’ll want to read on.

We just got back from a romantic and kid-friendly Valentine’s Day weekend in Northern Italy at the Four Seasons Hotel Milano and L’Albereta near Lake Iseo. We don’t have family here to help with overnight childcare so all-family excursions are a must. How do you create a kid-friendly-yet-romantic getaway?