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Family Travel Tips: Skiing in Europe with Kids

One of the best parts about living in Switzerland was our easy access to the best skiing in Europe. And yes, I do think it’s worth the time and expense to travel across an ocean for a family ski holiday. Ski experiences vary greatly from country to country and just like any travel adventure, the fun is in understanding and appreciating a different approach to this beloved winter sport.

Dreaming about a ski trip to Europe this season? It’s not too late! Here’s what you need to know:

Mammoth Kids Ski School

Kids’ Ski School Best Practices

If you want your kids to learn to ski, you can teach them yourself (good luck with that!) or send them to ski school. A comprehensive program run by a thoughtful expert makes all the difference in the world.

A model for this is Mammoth Mountain Ski Area’s Ski & Snowboard School in Califorinia. Craig Albright is the Managing Director of their program. I recently e-interviewed him for his insight on kids’ ski school best practices.