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Two Fantastic Ways to Experience (and Taste) Chocolate in Switzerland

Most people associate travel to Switzerland with two things: 1) mountains and 2) chocolate. The former is easy to experience as wondrous mountain scenery can be enjoyed in practically every corner of the country. A meaningful Swiss chocolate experience, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated.

Of course, Swiss chocolate is everywhere including at the airport should you not make it a special store while on the road. The point is that experiencing Swiss chocolate in an impactful way entails more than buying a wrapped bar of chocolate. There are two very …

Le Fleuray Hotel Loire Valley France

Just One More Trip … 10 Back-to-School Family Getaways

Most of us have just a few short weeks before school starts again. After all the non-stop, unstructured family time over these past few months, a bit of routine is welcome again.

September and October are terrific travel months in terms of weather and crowds. Given that days off work and school — at least in early fall — are limited, a 2-3 night getaway is your best chance to work in a back-to-school vacation.

10 Great Fall Family Getaways

Are you feeling like summer is coming to a fast close and you need more holiday time? I do! Fortunately, fall is a wonderful season to plan short getaways while the weather is still nice and in many cases, prices are lower than peak travel periods.

Here are 10 great fall travel ideas. I’ve included venues that are great for parents-only getaways as well as family breaks. Given all there is to do to prepare for back-to-school, we’re all exhausted and need some downtime.