Four Seasons Marrakech Highlights for Families

Marrakech has experienced a huge tourist boom over the past several years and the hotel possibilities are endless, particularly for couples in search of a romantic retreat. For families, however, the list of optimal options is quite small.

Staying in a riad, a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior courtyard, seems appealing at first blush as many are in heart of the atmospheric old city (medina). The challenge of this accommodation category …

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Kids’ Clubs That Make You Want to be a Kid Again

Vacations are not always really vacations. Traveling can take a lot out of you. Throw in a kid or two and it’s like running a marathon. Pacing is the key to success, especially when you’re on the type of trip I like to call an adventure. Walking the family along the Great Wall of China or listening to your kids plot how to play tag with sheep in Northern Ireland, fall into the adventure category.

In bed late, moving and shaking early, and often exhausted enough to sleep for at least part of the plane flight home are just a few of the signs of a good adventure.

10 Surprises on the Disney Dream

I was invited down to cover the inauguration of the new “Disney Dream,” the third ship of Disney’s cruising fleet. I had many preconceptions about what the ship would be like (see Hello Disney Dream for details), but here’s what I found most surprising:

Just how much my son loved it

My son kept saying, “This is the best vacation of my life!” Now, this kid has been all over France, Italy, England, Ireland, Caribbean, and the USA — this is the best vacation of his life. Wow!


Swimming Safety at Hotel Kids Clubs

I wrote about hotel kids’ clubs a few weeks ago—thoughtfully run programs are a fantastic amenity for families. We just published a list of all our properties with kids’ clubs on the Ciao Bambino homepage (use Quick Search located at the top of the page to narrow down options by age requirements and pricing).

That said, any parent that is considering using a kids’ club needs to understand if a program includes swimming and exactly what that means.

Guilt-Free Family Vacation with Downtime for Parents

Does this sound like a dream not reality?

Kids’ clubs can be an essential amenity for parents seeking downtime on vacation, particularly at resort properties where families spend the bulk of their time onsite. Many parents hesitate to use kids’ programs because they don’t want to feel guilty that they are “dumping” their kids into glorified daycare or they feel uncomfortable leaving their kids in an unknown environment.

Good news: It is possible to have …