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Family Dream Vacation in Key West

As my kids get older, our vacations are changing. Though my tween and teen are always up for a good adventure, time to relax and just hang out as a family is inching higher up on the wish list. The trick then becomes getting just the right balance. Too much down time can quickly turn into boredom.

As a family of four, we’re by no means a big family, but now that my girls are close to full grown size, being packed into a standard hotel room doesn’t quite hold the allure it once did. Necessary hotel accommodations can also be tough on a family budget.

Key West Florida Sunset

Ultimate Mother Daughter Road Trip Through the Florida Keys

I’m like most parents in the sense that it’s rare I get good stretches of quality one-on-one time with my girls. Could I do a better job of making it happen? Absolutely, but it seems as though something always gets in the way.

When I was invited to take my teen on the Chevrolet Volt Sunshine Road Trip, I cleared the calendar, no excuses.