Tips for Healthy Travel with Kids

Like clockwork, the night before we are heading out of town I hear the, “Mom, I have a sore throat.” Given that I have four kids, aka mini petri dishes, it’s not uncommon for one of them to be sick, or brewing some sickness at all times.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that being prepared and having a plan of action saves both time and worry while traveling with kids.

Dumbo on Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Safety and Health Tips for Families Taking a Disney Cruise

There are two elephants in the room right now in the cruise industry; the sinking of the Costa Concordia and the reoccurring Norwalk virus or Norovirus breakouts. As I watched the news unfold about the Costa Concordia, it occurred to me that I had never given much thought to my family’s safety or health while onboard the Disney Fantasy cruise this week.

I interviewed Rebecca Peddie, a Public Affairs Manager with Disney Cruise Line, to better understand Disney’s safety protocols and procedures for families.

family on beach in mexico

International Travel with Kids: Emergency Preparedness Tips

Everyone would agree that careful planning for the event of an emergency is essential for any home, especially those with young children. Although this is not the most glamorous aspect of holiday planning, emergency preparedness is also an important part of traveling abroad with children. The following simple precautions could be lifesaving:   International Travel…