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Exceptional Guided Family Walking Tour in Venice

Families are always looking for ways to engage their kids while sightseeing in Europe. Sometimes the attraction is so compelling that kids are naturally interested, while at other times they could care less and do the child’s equivalent of thinking about their “to do” list – they tune out completely.

Interestingly, sometimes the least expected things excite them. While in London last spring, my then 8-year-old Devon could care less about viewing the cities’ most iconic landmarks …

Family in Front of St Peters Rome Italy

Paolo Lenzi: Kid-Friendly Tour Guide in Rome:

A phenomenal kid-friendly walking tour guide can be the difference between successfully engaging children in the sights of a city or … not.

We’ve recommended Paolo Lenzi to our clients and readers for years and it was fun to receive an email from Holly Schmidt asking to submit a review of his services.

Here is what she said:

Rome Week: Rome iPhone Apps

After I published my recent article on Italy iPhone apps, Ciao Bambino’s Amie contacted me and said, “Love it! Now, can you do one just for Rome apps?” I assumed, given the number of apps in the App Store, that there would be plenty to choose from to make a Rome-only list – and I was right.

For this post, I tried to find apps that were not only good for any trip to Rome but might be particularly useful if you were traveling to Rome with kids …

Rome Week: Rome Travel Tips and Guides

Welcome to Rome Week! Given that we know Italy so well, we’re excited to add Rome to the other family vacation destinations we’ve spent a full week covering including Paris with kids, Washington DC with kids, New York City with kids, and Hawaii with kids.

We’re kicking the week off with recommended Rome travel tips and guides to help you started planning a visit to Rome with kids.

Photo Friday: Spring Break in Washington DC

With Spring Break coming up for many families, visiting Washington DC with kids has been a hot topic of conversation—with great reason. DC is perfect with kids and right now it’s even better because the city is in bloom. From cherry blossoms to daffodils, it’s beautiful.

We covered Washington DC with kids extensively in the Fall including top family travel resources, favorite Washington DC attractions with kids, and Washington DC family travel tips.

Hot Off the Press: Ciao Bambino on NileGuide!

We’ve been busy bees lately writing custom kid-friendly guides for the NileGuide, a travel planning website where you can research trips and create customized travel guides.

With the help of our travel blogging friends around the world, we created initial guides for London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Rome, Singapore, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. Orlando, Paris, and more will be coming soon.

Paris Week: Favorite Online Resources

Let me first say that of all the cities that we’ve visited with our kids, Paris is my favorite and the easiest to explore. Yes, I love Rome and London, and the many other cities for that matter, but Paris is what I always recommend to families looking to go to Europe.

Because Paris is better known as a romantic adult destination, it shouldn’t be dismissed as a family vacation venue. Actually, Parisian families have quite a nice thing going.

New York Week: Online Planning Resources

New York City is what made me fall in love with the East Coast. I still remember my first visit to the city as a young girl from San Diego. Everything seemed so foreign and exciting! The theatre, Little Italy, the skyscrapers, the NY accent, the sophisticated shops of 5th Avenue, and the unique smells. It was all seared in my memory forever.

As parents, my husband and I love to bring our children to the city.


History & Geography Sites for Kids

Looking for a little armchair travel or for a way to get kids engaged and excited about a new destination?

National Geographic Kids: Beautiful website and easy to navigate. Countries around the world are listed with facts, maps, and photos.

Time for Kids: Useful information includes a History Timeline and Sightseeing Guide for a wide variety of destinations.

Washington DC Week: Top Resources

Urban destinations are more enjoyable when cooler fall weather arrives and you can walk around comfortably for hours. One of our favorite autumn trips for kids at any age and stage is to visit Washington DC. With wide sidewalks and excellent public transportation, the city is easy to get around, clean, and there is always something interesting to do and learn for everyone.

We love to enrich our kid’s education by visiting the various museums around the city.