Girl on VIP Tour San Diego Zoo's Safari Park

Behind-the-Scenes Tour at San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park

The Wild Animal Park in San Diego has a new name, Safari Park. This rebranding sets the perfect tone for experiencing the park as unlike traditional zoos, the park is set up like a safari with expansive enclosures, letting the animals roam as if on a game preserve.

Like going on safari, there are many ways that you can enhance your visit to the park. You can simple visit for the day …

Ten New Ways to Experience Washington DC with Kids

My research for our latest DC adventure began a month ago. Exploring Washington DC with kids is simply better with a plan. I’m all for winging it when traveling, but the amount of time spent on your feet while touring DC can easily turn a good trip into a bad one.

However, with a little pre-trip work, you can organize what you want to see by general location and manage the distance you need to walk. Remember that most sites also require you to be …