Cooking classes in Rome

10 Off-the-Beaten-Path Family Activities in Rome

Think back on previous family vacations. What are the things that you remember most? Marching behind a tour guide? Eating at a tourist restaurant? Fighting the crowds for a glimpse of a masterpiece? Probably not. What makes lasting memories are the unique experiences and moments that turn an average vacation into a trip of a lifetime.…

Gladiator School Maximus

An Afternoon at Gladiator School in Rome

If you’re looking for a memorable kid-friendly activity in Rome, Gladiator School is an event your children will never forgot. Nancy has raved about her experience for years and my 9-year-old Devon was thrilled to finally give it a go over our spring family vacation in Italy.

Although the swords are fake, the skills learned in class are real. Scantily clad men of yesteryear lead the troops through vigorous training.