Evergreen Lodge: Simple, Old-Fashioned Family Fun in Yosemite with Kids

As electronics consume more of our kids’ time, many families are searching for a way to incorporate nature into the mix. Evergreen Lodge at Yosemite National Park is like family camp, with comfortable accommodations, good food and a recreation department that makes it easy for families at all activity levels to experience the beauty of the…

Best U.S. Hotels and Resorts for a Multigenerational Family Vacation

Multigenerational travel is a huge trend for the foreseeable future — now, more than ever, families realize the value of meaningful time together in a setting that offers a wealth of quality activities. The key? Planning for larger family groups requires attention to features and facets that make a property well suited for multiple ages. Consider these…

Travel Savvy Mom’s Yosemite Strategy

Here’s a confession that’s likely to earn me a few rude comments (if not outright death threats): I don’t like Yosemite. Or at least I didn’t, until very recently. Hot, crowded, and dusty, it always held all the charm of a refugee camp for me.

I could see that it was magnificent, I just couldn’t transcend the tour buses and carbon monoxide.

In fact only about 5% of Yosemite’s 3.2 million annual visitors ever leave the valley floor.