Saraceno New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

Best New York City Exhibits with Kids

Visiting museums with kids is the perfect way to pair education with entertainment. With over 50 museums to choose from in New York, finding a kid-friendly expert who can highlight the best exhibits for different age groups is key. Natasha Schlesinger is that person. She runs art education classes just for kids in New York at ArtXplorers, as well as ArtMuse, providing museum and gallery tours for all ages.

Here’s Natasha’s round up of the best museum exhibits for kids in New York City this fall:

Kite Flying Chrissy Field San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is Celebrating its 75th Anniversary!

The Golden Gate Bridge is recognized around the globe. More than just a bridge, it’s an iconic symbol of the state of California. As many as ten million people visit the Bridge every year. If you’re lucky enough to visit with your family this year, you’re in for a treat.

The Golden Gate Bridge is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year!

Fall 2009 Family Activities in New York City

October is my favorite month of year in New York City. It’s still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities with the kids and the trees in Central Park are always spectacular. This year, there are a few special events happening around the city that are great for kids.

The American Museum of Natural History has a new show at the Planetarium through December 31st called Journey to the Stars.

Photo Friday: Fleet Week in San Francisco

October is a glorious month in San Francisco. Our Indian Summer brings warm days with crisp blue skies. If you want to appreciate the beauty of the topography of the Bay Area, this it the time of year to do it.

October also means Fleet Week, an annual event when the Navy is celebrated with a steady stream of activities including a parade of ships coming into the bay and an air show featuring the Blue Angels.