8 Kid-Friendly Cruises We Love

For many families, it isn’t a question of whether to take a cruise with kids — it’s a question of which one. The family-friendly cruise market has exploded in recent years, with small vessels, luxury lines and traditional mega-ships all actively courting parents. The good news is that means it’s easier than ever to find a cruise…

Adventures by Disney Peru

Incredible Ways to Experience All Things Disney in 2013

Traditional theme family vacations are just part of the Disney story these days. From the Disney Cruise Line, to Adventures by Disney group trips, to Aulani Resort on Hawaii, there is something to please all ages and interests in the US and abroad.

I polled a few of the top bloggers who are also big Disney fans for their take on what’s new and exciting in 2013, including our own …

disney dream

Kudos to Disney for Allergy-Friendly Practices

Is it possible to travel with a child that has extreme allergies? I put Disney to the test this winter. My son has Eosinaphilic Esophagitis, which causes a continued narrowing of the esophagus in response to food allergies, making avoidance of the foods the most favorable cure.

We were in the right in the process of addressing this when we had the opportunity to go on Disney Dream’s inaugural voyage.

Girls Getaway on the Disney Dream

I know it sounds crazy, but I had a terrific girls getaway on the Disney Dream.

When I received the invitation for the Disney Dream christening cruise, I immediately had visions of the adult beach at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. White sand, colored umbrellas and fruity drinks (not the lunch box kind). The perfect opportunity to check out the adult amenities I missed on my family’s Disney cruise last summer to the Bahamas.

10 Surprises on the Disney Dream

I was invited down to cover the inauguration of the new “Disney Dream,” the third ship of Disney’s cruising fleet. I had many preconceptions about what the ship would be like (see Hello Disney Dream for details), but here’s what I found most surprising:

Just how much my son loved it

My son kept saying, “This is the best vacation of my life!” Now, this kid has been all over France, Italy, England, Ireland, Caribbean, and the USA — this is the best vacation of his life. Wow!

Disney Dream Sets Sail

CB’s Nancy Solomon and Kristi Marcelle are lucky enough to be on the Disney Dream inaugural cruise this week. Talk about media buzz! There’s been a stream of constant chatter. I even saw a tweet yesterday calling the cruise, “The event of the decade.”

We’ll publish official reports from them when they return, but in the meantime, Nancy has sent fun photos for a peek at all the action.

Tips for an Optimal Disney Cruise

A cruise, like any other vacation, is a different experience for each family. For some it’s all about the service and the food while for others it’s about exploring new destinations and unplugging from the daily grind. No matter what the reason is for your trip, the convenience of having someone else plan it all for you helps to create a stress-free experience.

There are a few tips to make your cruise planning and experience more enjoyable for all.

Disney Cruise Line Review

This was my first Disney Cruise Line vacation and besides thinking I’d see plenty of Mickey and Minnie, I wasn’t sure what to expect. By the end of the cruise, I realized that in subtle and not so subtle ways, the mission of the Disney staff is to make every passenger’s vacation as stress-free as possible.

The service level was extraordinary—this vacation helped us understand why families like cruising so much and return over and over again.