Carmel, California

Postcard from California: Breezy Beach Life in Carmel-by-the-Sea

Carmel-by-the-Sea is one of our favorite stops along the California coast. The Bavarian-style architecture and the small-town charm of the village are a nice change of pace from the busier cities, and there is so much to offer kids, from a Dr. Seuss gallery and a shady town park to outdoor cafes and courtyards galore. With…

Photo Friday: The Magic of the California Coast

I never stop appreciating the rugged beauty of the California Coast. We’ve had a few excursions over the past few months that were pure magic. Spring is a wonderful time of year for a California beach vacation—days can be warm with crisp with bright blue skies versus the summer months when fog may be an issue.

We spent spring break at Montage Laguna Beach and Terranea Resort in Southern California. Both properties are oceanfront with mesmerizing views.


Visiting Carmel with Kids

It’s rare my family travels somewhere they don’t like. Chalk it up to research, great recommendations or plain old good luck. But it’s just as rare to travel somewhere we could call home. My family could easily call Carmel home.

We’ve spent countless weekends in neighboring Monterey with kids, but for some reason never really considered Carmel. It took a school project on California’s missions to show us what we were missing.