Yosemite Family Travel Guide

I guess you could call it travel guilt. It kicked in big time last year, when a number of friends were planning trips to Yosemite National Park. At some point, someone asked me what my kids liked to do in Yosemite.

I started to talk about the Mist Trail then realized, though I love Yosemite, I’ve never taken my kids. We live in Northern California. Yosemite is practically our backyard. I got out the calendar and picked a weekend. It was still winter, I had months before I needed to get organized … or so I thought.

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Best of California Summer Travel Tips from Sunset Magazine

I had the pleasure of meeting Sunset Magazine’s Deputy Travel Editor, Peter Fish, last weekend at annual Celebration Weekend at their headquarters in Menlo Park. Sunset is longtime resource for Best of Western Living content — from travel tips, to home decorating ideas, to gardening — this magazine always has unique ideas to share. I picked Peter’s…

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Summer Vacation Brainstorm

I don’t have my summer plans booked yet. April’s here — it’s time to get serious about the holiday schedule. During the brainstorming part of vacation planning, I like to think about things in terms of the kind of experience I’ll have in a destination: Mountains, Seaside/Beach, City, Countryside, and Lake (we categorize our hotel reviews on CB the same way).

Here are our top picks for 2011 family summer vacation ideas.

10 Summer Family Vacation Ideas

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it’s time to book that annual family summer vacation. With so many possibilities, how do you come up with a plan without spending hours online?

Nancy wrote a great post a few weeks ago with tips for family vacation planning. What kind of trip are you in the mood for this year? … Mountains? Beach? Urban adventure? Cultural trip?

Yellowstone Park with Kids

I have a confession to make: I have been engaged in a love affair for over a decade. It was truly love at first sight, and now I can’t ever seem to get enough. The object of my affection? Our country’s National Park system. I have yet to find a park that I didn’t absolutely adore.

As a matter of fact, I have made it a personal goal to visit every single National Park (yep, all 58 of them) with my children. Last summer, I took my kids to the original National Park, Yellowstone.