Why Mauritius is Made for Kids

Mauritius has been typecast as a honeymooners’ destination, but why should lovers monopolise this Indian Ocean paradise island? What we’ve just found out is that it has everything you need for the perfect family holiday too.

Le Morne Mauritius

Mauritius is just waiting to be explored, image copyright MTPA

Top Kid-Friendly Activities on Mauritius

Water Activities

Mauritius is a one-stop shop for outdoors’ loving families. Your local aquarium may seem a tad dull after you’ve bought your kids here, where they will watch tropical fish lapping their toes when they paddle in the sea and work out ways of enticing crabs out of their beachside holes at sunset.

Many hotels offer daily glass-bottomed boat rides as part of their inclusive packages, which enable guests to go a bit further out into the sea to spot clownfish, parrotfish, lionfish, and sea sponges amongst the coral reefs that ring the island.

Some of the local boat operators will even allow very young children to don life jackets and have a go at snorkeling amongst the fish, with parental supervision.

Mauritius is home to dolphins

Swim with the dolphins off the coast of Mauritius, image copyright MTPA

If this is a success, go one step further and take them swimming and snorkelling with dolphins out in the open sea. Spinner and bottlenose dolphins swim in packs around the island. Early morning is the best time to spot them playing.

JPH Charters offer daily dolphin swimming excursions year round, as well as fishing trips and day and over night catamaran cruises to the outlying islands.

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Kayaking around the Heritage Resorts

Kayaking at the Heritage Awali Resort, image Anna Tobin

Most of the hotels on the island offer a host of water-sports activities included in their packages too. Waterskiing, wind-surfing, kite-surfing, pedalos, catamarans, sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddle and snorkelling are likely amongst the activities on offer.

Scuba diving lessons are also often available too, but are more likely to entail an extra cost.

Inland Activities

Whilst the views from the island on to the almost white sandy beaches and beyond to the turquoise waters is soothingly beautiful, take some time to look behind you into Mauritius’s stunning natural inland landscapes as well, which includes vast plains of sugarcanes, mountains, spectacular waterfalls and forests.

The Mauritians have worked out ways to get children’s jaws to drop at all this too. Kids of high school age will relish exploring the literal highs and lows of the picturesque Frédérica Nature Reserve in the south by quad bike, whilst younger ones will enjoy bumbling around in the back of a guide-driven four by four.

Teens will also thrill at taking one of the longest zip-lines in the Indian Ocean through the Casela Nature and Leisure Park , which you can also explore by segway and quad.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens

The Water Lilies are incredible at the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens

Water Lilies at the Mauritius botanical gardens

The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens in Pamplemousses in the north of Mauritius is generally put second only to Kew Gardens in London when rating the world’s best botanical gardens. The difference is  that at Kew Gardens, you have to enter a vast greenhouse to view some of the world’s most fantastic plants. At Pamplemousses, you see them growing in their natural habitat, or as they would in their natural habitat.

If you see a man named Satish Bawol waiting amongst the guides at the front gate follow his tour. He has a particular gift for getting children to relate to the amazing plants that surround them. He will point out with a giggle the tree that helps cure flatulence; the palm who’s leaves can bend around you to form a heart-shaped frame for a great photo; and explain how the water lilies that emerge white amongst the vast Amazonica lily pads close red a day later.

Best Time to Visit Mauritius with Kids

Mauritius is in the Southern hemisphere, so its Summer season runs from November through to April, when the weather is hot and humid and the temperature hits the 30s. February and March is when the rainfall it at its heaviest, but the tropical downpours rarely last long.

Winter season runs from May through to October, but the daytime temperature is still generally in the mid 20s, so Mauritius really is a year-round holiday hot spot. If you do visit in ‘winter’, however, make sure your hotel has a heated pool, as whilst the day-time temperature is perfect for shorts and sundresses, it drops to sweater weather at night, so those unheated pools don’t retain the heat from the sun and will feel icy.

Children are particularly well catered for here

Children love the Lux* way of life

Where to Stay in Mauritius

We’ve stayed at both the LUX* Grand Gaube and the Heritage Awali  and love both of these properties for families with kids of all ages.

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