A Summer Holiday in Germany’s Bavarian Forest

Family Holiday in Bavaria Germany

This is a guest post from Mark Wolff, who lives in Surrey in the United Kingdom with his wife and two children, ages 4 and 6. Travel is one of their favorite hobbies. We haven’t written much about Germany on Ciao Bambino and Mark, who stayed at Bavarian Forest Holidays last summer, kindly offered to share his experience at this longtime Ciao Bambino recommended kid-friendly property. Love it, thanks for the article Mark!

Why Plan a Family Holiday in Germany?

We travel to Germany frequently for our holidays. “Why Germany particularly?” you may ask. Well, we love the history, the tradition and the culture of the “old world”, Germany has these all in abundance. We want our children to experience all of this.

Nature too is all around, with over one third of the country covered in forest not to mention the fields, orchards, vineyards, rivers and lakes. Best of all the countryside is open to be explored whether by foot or on a bike. There is no equivalent to the “bridleways” and fences around every property, as can be found in the UK, for example.

We personally find that self catering is the best choice for us travelling with our kids. Do we miss the 5* hotel treatment of luxury hotels, the fine dining and occasional spa, yes, sometimes! But priorities change with children; for us this is the best option we have found. No restrictions around what to eat and when. No problems if tired children get a little cranky, and who can say travelling has not made the best of us a little tired and cranky!

Bavarian Forest Holidays

Self-Catering Apartments at Bavarian Forest Holidays

Our trip to Germany last summer was to a new region for us, the Bavarian Forest. We stayed with Bavarian Forest Holidays in Bayerisch Eisenstein and they do manage to combine the comforts of a luxury hotel, in their 5* apartments, with the convenience of self-catering.

There is also the extra personal touch they offer. This is a business which has been built up with care and in pursuit of very high standards. The fridge was considerately stocked, we arrived to freshly home-made bread and the children were invited to choose something from the toy library to take and play with. It felt like we had arrived to stay with particularly thoughtful relatives. The accommodation had all we required right down to a selection of DVD’s, a games room and a well stocked store – all onsite.

So what made this holiday so great for us and our kids? In Germany, from our experience, children are very much expected to be children; we have always found that, children are welcomed wherever we go, never just tolerated. Children respond to this welcoming atmosphere and seem to relax and as a result be on their best behaviour, naturally. The Bavarian Forest was no exception. The restaurants were cosy, welcoming, and catered for all the family’s requirements, even fussy little stomachs!

Holiday in Bavaria Germany

The area was a joy to explore and featured just the right mixture of the history and culture we love as well as nature at its most beautiful. The Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest (across the border in the Czech Republic) combined make up the largest area of protected nature in Europe. We also love the mountains, nothing like a day in the fresh mountain air to make the children sleep well.

On top of it all, guests to the Bavarian Forest are provided with a (free of charge) guestcard (GUTi card) which offers discounts and often free access to most of the local attractions. We did have our car, but had we taken the more eco-friendly option and travelled here by train the guestcard would have provided us with free travel on the BayerwaldTicket network. This includes train stations nearby on the German and Czech Republic sides of the border and the extensive bus network over a large area! Even if you have your car, leave it behind some days – kids love a train ride!

Climbing the Arber Mountain

Next time we come back to this area we hope to introduce our children to some of the winter sports that are also a big attraction. From cross-country and downhill skiing to sled runs through the forest. Hopefully the fresh mountain air will once again make the children sleep in and give us some well earned R&R!

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Photos by Mark Wolff

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