A Different Way to See Europe – Canal Boats

A few people recently have mentioned to me that one of their favorite vacations in Europe was spent renting a canal boat and floating down one of the many scenic waterways. Popular places to do this include France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

I can’t say I’d want to be stuck on a cramped boat with a toddler (not to mention the water hazard), but this would be an amazing option with older kids. One thing I like about it is the opportunity to still see “nooks and crannies” in a wider geographic area, while benefiting from not having to pack and repack. Plus, it’s nice to do something unique to Europe vs. sitting in the car.

The July/August editon of National Geographic Traveler has an article dedicated canal boating and outlines average week-long pricing that runs from $2,490-$4,465. Rental resources listed in the article include Canal Junction, Le Boat, and Locaboat Holidays. I didn’t see an electronic version of the article available yet, but the National Geographic Traveler URL is traveler.nationalgeographic.com.

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