Jen Donati

  • Family Travel Advisor
  • New York City area, USA

Before Becoming an Advisor …

I worked at Harvard Law School, where I headed up a research team that worked on civil rights research and writings. Then I followed my Swiss fiancé (now husband) to Switzerland, where I owned my own business helping Swiss executives present and negotiate in English. When my husband got transferred to the U.S., I became a yoga teacher, which I loved. Looking back, I guess the common theme has always been working with people and helping people learn and discover.

My Favorite Travel Experiences

My dad worked for the airlines, so we were able to travel a lot. I remember going to Disneyland as a small girl with my family and how magical the experience was. We then went to San Juan Capistrano, and I got lost. But I remember that I wasn’t scared. When someone brought me over to a monk, I simply told him that I needed to get back to Boston and I knew people at the airlines! The story has been a comic family legend, and it is really funny. But more importantly, I think it shows that I was comfortable in the world, and that was all due to growing up exposed to different cultures and places. It made me open and confident. Now I have two girls of my own, and that has always been a goal of my husband’s and mine. We have given our girls as many opportunities as possible to travel and see new things and people. We want them to have these amazing experiences and to feel at home in the world, not just their hometown.

Jen Donati

Why I Love My Job

What I love most about my career is that I can help families gain new ideas and perspectives. I was recently traveling on my own, in Florence, and I met a fellow solo traveler — a young college student. We both wanted a nice picture with the Ponte Vecchio, so we agreed to take turns and snap each other’s photos. The student persuaded me to turn sideways for my shot. I would have never thought to turn this way for a photo (which allows you to see more of the beautiful bridge and river) and makes for a better picture. Though our encounter was brief and we never exchanged names, I learned a lot in those moments, and I gained a new perspective. And I think that symbolizes one of the things that travel is all about: being open to new perspectives, ideas and experiences. It not only helps us see the world, but it also helps us understand it in a new light. I love that I can help arrange trips for families to have these same kinds of moving experiences.

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