10 Places in North America That Feel Like an Exotic Escape

Traveling abroad with kids introduces them to new cultures and alluring locations that open up the entire world for them. But with hectic work and school schedules, not to mention rising costs, jetting overseas with your family isn’t always within reach. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel to the far corners of the earth for…

Pacific Northwest Ski Destinations

Want a Different Family Ski Destination? Head to the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a wonderful region to ski with the kids: resorts tend to be less crowded and less expensive than in the Rockies or Wasatch; ski towns are authentic and sometimes downright rustic; and families are the recipients of that typical Northwestern casual atmosphere. The snowpack in the region tends to be wetter…

Cambodia Beach Vacation

What A List! Best Family Summer Beach Vacation Spots

A great family beach vacation ranks as one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. I asked family travel experts from around the country to send me a favorite beach vacation spot. What a list! From Cuba to Oregon to Cambodia, there’s something on this list for every age and interest. Thank you family travel bloggers for these incredible ideas!