Where to Travel in 2019 with Kids

Let the Planning Begin! Where to Travel in 2019 with Kids

As always, the New Year brings a flood of exciting travel plans for our CB team! There are so many spectacular destinations and experiences we’re looking forward to this year: skiing in Switzerland, orangutans in Borneo, wine and wilderness in Argentina, and much, much more. Here’s just a taster of the places we are headed…

Family Friendly Bed and Breakfast France

Beds, Breakfasts and Fabulous Family Travel Memories

As a general rule, when I plan vacations to destinations, I don’t typically stay at high-end luxury resorts. I seek out places I think other Americans might not find. Nothing’s really off limits: small hotels, B & B’s, guest houses and yes, even hostels. My family has experienced, and most of the time, enjoyed them all.

I love to be spoiled. Who doesn’t? My family and I are lucky enough to have stayed at some absolutely incredible resorts. At Thanksgiving we recharged our batteries at Carmel Valley Ranch …

New Year’s “Must Go Back To” Travel List

One of the things I love about traveling is discovering new things. When planning a trip, there’s always a strong urge to jam in as much vacation fun as possible. But packing your days too tight can be a recipe for disaster. When kids get tired, they get cranky and cranky kids take all of the fun out of even the best family adventures. I always plan trips with the thinking someday I’ll be back. It sets the tone for more relaxed, better vacations.

At Ciao Bambino, we all have long “must go back to” lists. The destinations that top our lists …

More Paella Por Favor

Eating in a foreign country can be the highlight of your trip, or it can be the downfall. Picky eaters are what they are, but don’t let them stop you from dabbling in a little culinary adventure. It might just be the best thing that happens to your kid’s diet since peanut butter.

We were lucky enough to spend two weeks in Spain this fall. One of the top things on the list for my husband and I was paella. Emphasis on for my husband and I – it was all about churros for the girls.

Families & Madrid … A Perfect Mix

We were supposed to go to Disneyland. Just a quick flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. No real planning or creative packing required. But when a ticket search in the wee hours of the morning turned up an incredible deal to Europe, L.A. went out the window. In one hour and the click of a mouse, my family of four was headed to Madrid, Spain.

When most people think of Madrid, they don’t think of kids. It’s one of those grown-up cities.