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Zipping Through the California Wine Country

The Northern California Wine Country has a reputation for many fabulous things, but being family-friendly isn’t one of them. Wine tasting with kids is do-able, but different. And though wine is obviously the toast of the town, kids have a new, fast-flying reason to celebrate when they visit.

Move over grapevines, some towering Redwoods have a new view of wine country to share. Ziplining is a favorite activity in family vacation spots like Cabo San Lucas and Costa Rica. Now, the California wine country …

boy running at the carneros inn napa valley

Vacationing with Kids in Napa Valley: The Grape Adventure

When it comes to vacationing with kids in Napa Valley, every year is a good year. Napa has always been synonymous with romance. Vacationing families, however, will be pleasantly surprised to find that the area offers something for everyone. The inclusive nature of several new properties enables parents to experience the romance of Napa while…