Things to Do in Spain with Kids

10 Amazing Things to Do in Spain with Kids

Spain is one of the most diverse countries in Europe, both culturally and geographically. Each region has its own identity and language, and throughout the country you’ll find whitewashed villages, bustling cities, beach and mountain towns, and everything in between. And Spaniards love children, so it is an easy country for families to explore. We…

Andalucia, Spain with Kids

Andalucia: The Best of Iconic Spain with Kids

Andalucia, the largest region in Spain, is wonderful for a family vacation, offering everything from history and culture to outdoor adventure and beach time. It is the land of flamenco, bullfighting, beautiful architecture and the sea. With great-quality roads and drives of 3 hours maximum between hot spots, Andalucia makes for the perfect road trip with kids.…


Spain with Kids, Visiting Sevilla

When my family of four pulled into Sevilla, our 2 week-plus trip through Spain was winding down, and so were we. We had ideas of how we’d spend our couple of days there, but nothing set in stone.We were tired, and looking forward to a couple of days to just lay low.

Sevilla is the perfect place to slow down. It’s not a city loaded with must-see landmarks …

Just Add Water

Traveling with kids gets better with experience. The more you do it, the easier it gets. You develop a system, and refine it with every adventure.

When I plan a trip, I have a very distinct routine. It starts with an empty notebook, a guidebook and a few hours on the Internet. Once armed with the basics, I start trying to lay out a rough day to day itinerary. It serves as a guideline for my family. If something doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world. Maybe we’ll do it tomorrow.