Best Places to Go in Italy with Kids: Live Tips from a CB! Expert

Italy is and has always been our No. 1 most requested destination at Ciao Bambino, and for good reason! Not only do Italians adore children of all ages, the country is stuffed with more ancient ruins, glorious landscapes and cultural masterpieces than you could experience in several decades’ worth of travel (and that’s not even counting the food). It’s…

10 Amazing Mother-Daughter Getaways Around the World

Memories of traveling as a kid have a way of affecting the memories you make as a parent. Born and raised on the East Coast, I remember the excitement of visiting California for the first time with my mother and the subsequent college choice that resulted. I remember walking through Venice’s St. Mark’s Square with…

10 Family Vacations That Will Change Kids Forever

Ciao Bambino’s tagline is Inspiring Families to Explore the World, and we take this challenge very seriously, as we understand that great family vacations aren’t just about fun. Travel experiences change lives and transform developing minds in unbelievable, lasting ways. We are a founding member of the Family Travel Association, a new organization within the…

Europe with Teens

Best Tips for Traveling in Europe with Teens

At home and abroad, teenagers tend to get a bad rap. However, I absolutely love traveling with my teens. Having successfully graduated from the stroller-using, nap-needing, peek-a-boo-playing age, my teens are excellent travelers, full of curiosity, enthusiasm and only the occasional eye-roll. Traveling through Europe with teens — with all its history, culture, and cuisine…


Adriatic Family Vacation in Italy: From Venice to Puglia

We’ve traveled extensively in Italy with kids, but this was our first time on Italy’s eastern coast, on the Adriatic. We had heard so may appealing things about Puglia — the “heel” of the Italian boot — how it is authentically Italian with the absence of Starbucks and English speaking locals, few American tourists, the…

travel blog mob

Hunting for the Best Ice Cream

The topic for this months’ Travel Blog Mob post is travel ideas that make us smile. While there are many things about travel that make give me the grins, there is one constant eurphoria producer — ice cream.

The irony is I’m not one of of those people that goes crazy for dessert, but I do love the thrill of hunting for incredible artisan ice cream. Moreover, this is a travel activity your kids will enthusiastically join and a way to inspire them to explore a neighborhood with you.

How to Transform a Family Vacation from Ordinary to Extraordinary

The destination is booked. Your hotel is set. Now, how do you transform a trip from ordinary to extraordinary?

You can always wait until you arrive and ask the concierge, a fine option for many trips, or you can take advantage of Internet to try and find those few unique experiences that will ensure your are creating a trip your family will remember a trip for a lifetime.


Italy Travel 101: How to Create a Family-Friendly Itinerary

Ciao Bambino’s roots are in family-focused trip planning to Italy and family tours of Italy are still our requested service by a long shot. Incredible food, a rich culture that loves children, amazing sights — there’s a good reason why Italy is an all-time favorite destination for many travelers. Ciao Bambino readers write us all the time asking…