How to Choose the Right River Rafting Trip for Your Family

Our family loves multi-day river rafting trips for the same reason we love any type of outdoor vacation: We get a chance to escape the daily routine, evade technology and screens for a few days, and bathe ourselves in nature. And unlike many vacations as parents, we don’t arrive back home more exhausted than when…

Pacific Northwest Ski Destinations

Want a Different Family Ski Destination? Head to the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a wonderful region to ski with the kids: resorts tend to be less crowded and less expensive than in the Rockies or Wasatch; ski towns are authentic and sometimes downright rustic; and families are the recipients of that typical Northwestern casual atmosphere. The snowpack in the region tends to be wetter…

Cambodia Beach Vacation

What A List! Best Family Summer Beach Vacation Spots

A great family beach vacation ranks as one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. I asked family travel experts from around the country to send me a favorite beach vacation spot. What a list! From Cuba to Oregon to Cambodia, there’s something on this list for every age and interest. Thank you family travel bloggers for these incredible ideas!