10 Best Family Spring Break Destinations for 2018

Even when kids are out of school for spring break, these destinations still boast enriching experiences that encourage them to learn, grow and make family memories. Consider Sedona’s red rock country, the beaches of Florida and the Caribbean, or Sicily for a different perspective on Italy. And don’t overlook destinations that seem a little farther afield —…

10 Amazing Mother-Daughter Getaways Around the World

Memories of traveling as a kid have a way of affecting the memories you make as a parent. Born and raised on the East Coast, I remember the excitement of visiting California for the first time with my mother and the subsequent college choice that resulted. I remember walking through Venice’s St. Mark’s Square with…

Photo Friday: Northern Ireland with Kids

Trips, should I say adventures, have a knack for just happening in my family.

We were trying to plan a trip to the Loire Valley for a family wedding.I’d done my homework; sketched out a rough itinerary in my notebook and lined up hotel reservations. I had everything but plane tickets. Flights into Paris were off the charts expensive. I had been watching, waiting and hoping for a serious airfare war.