Where to Travel in 2019 with Kids

Let the Planning Begin! Where to Travel in 2019 with Kids

As always, the New Year brings a flood of exciting travel plans for our CB team! There are so many spectacular destinations and experiences we’re looking forward to this year: skiing in Switzerland, orangutans in Borneo, wine and wilderness in Argentina, and much, much more. Here’s just a taster of the places we are headed…

Ciao Bambino Names the Best Family Hotels of 2017

Although our Ciao Bambino team is constantly scouting and road-testing accommodations all over the world, our favorite feedback on the best family hotels comes from our clients. We help hundreds of families each year plan trips of a lifetime, including hotels and resorts that not only satisfy the needs of little travelers but are destination-worthy…

Best Day Trips from London, Stonehenge

8 Favorite Day Trips from London with Kids

The sheer number of tourist attractions in central London may leave families feeling somewhat tethered, but a few well-placed day trips are a great way to break up any British holiday itinerary. With unique settings that offer distinct flavors of England and plenty of room to frolic, these outings — all within 2 hours’ train…

10 Amazing Mother-Daughter Getaways Around the World

Memories of traveling as a kid have a way of affecting the memories you make as a parent. Born and raised on the East Coast, I remember the excitement of visiting California for the first time with my mother and the subsequent college choice that resulted. I remember walking through Venice’s St. Mark’s Square with…

Copenhagen Denmark

Best Itineraries for a Week in Europe with Kids: Part 2

We recently shared five of our top itineraries for a weeklong trip to Europe with kids … and we’re back with five more! In our decade-plus of planning trips for families, we’ve discovered which cities pair well for a one-week vacation. Instead of running your family ragged by racing across the continent, these itineraries combine destinations that…

Nijago at Legoland Windsor England

Day Trip from London to Legoland Windsor

LEGO must be the one toy ever invented that is just as much fun to play when you are 33, 43 and 53 as it was when you were just three? It’s the only toy that I will happily play with my kids for hours. Which is why we were all excited at the prospect of immersing ourselves in a land of those little bricks for the day.

Most of Britain’s theme parks are little more than permanent fairground structures and best avoided, with two exceptions: Blackpool Pleasure Beach, because it is deliciously tacky to the extreme; and Legoland Windsor, because it bares no relation to any other UK amusement park.

How to Transform a Family Vacation from Ordinary to Extraordinary

The destination is booked. Your hotel is set. Now, how do you transform a trip from ordinary to extraordinary?

You can always wait until you arrive and ask the concierge, a fine option for many trips, or you can take advantage of Internet to try and find those few unique experiences that will ensure your are creating a trip your family will remember a trip for a lifetime.

Ten Cities with Great Holiday Ice Skating Rinks

Something about the image of skaters conjures up that holiday feeling. As winter begins, skating outdoors is accessible even in the most unlikely places. Cities all over the world feature wonderful rinks to help get families in the holiday spirit.

Last year on our spring family vacation, I noticed the rink in Philadelphia’s center and it got me thinking about all the great outdoor rinks that offer this fun winter activity.