Tips From a New Mom: Traveling Through Europe with a Baby

CB! Family Vacation Advisor and new mom Mandy Cecchetto has wasted no time turning her baby girl into a seasoned traveler! She and her husband have already taken their daughter on several overseas trips, most recently for a monthlong stay in Italy and Germany. We caught up with her to get her road-tested tips for…

Riviera Maya Mexico

5 Favorite Summer Vacation Ideas to Book Now

People always ask me what my favorite family vacation destinations are. Narrowing it down to just five is so hard — the more you travel, the more favorites you have. But if I had to pick, they would be Italy, Iceland, dude ranches, Mexico and the Caribbean, and just about anywhere with a beach. Here’s why, and a few of…

2017 Family Travel Ideas

2017 Family Travel Ideas: Where We’re Going This Year

Happy New Year! We can’t wait to help families create amazing travel memories in 2017 … and while we’re at it, we’ll be creating a few of our own. Here are some of the places we’re looking forward to visiting this year. What’s on your 2017 travel wish list? Family Vacation Inspiration for 2017 I’m kicking off the…

Cambodia Beach Vacation

What A List! Best Family Summer Beach Vacation Spots

A great family beach vacation ranks as one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. I asked family travel experts from around the country to send me a favorite beach vacation spot. What a list! From Cuba to Oregon to Cambodia, there’s something on this list for every age and interest. Thank you family travel bloggers for these incredible ideas!

Riffelalp Resort Outdoor Pool

The Coolest Pools for Summer!

School’s out for many families and summer is officially underway. Which also means you better get those summer vacations set. Ask just about any kid, their favorite part about staying in a hotel is often the pool. So with that in mind, here’s some ideas to jump start those summer trip plans.

Tabacon Springs Spa Thermal Resort

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
School age kids and teens won’t ever want to get out of the water at Tabacon Springs. The hot springs, pool, waterside …

Bandos Maldives

We’re Dreaming Big! Our 2012 Bucket List

Something about moving into a new year and staring at an empty calendar gets my mind spinning about travel — where to go in 2012?

The first item of business is blocking off precious vacation days. Once that task is complete, the fun work begins. What places are top of mind year? I put the question to Amie, Dana, Anna and Kristi, as well as to my children.

New Year’s “Must Go Back To” Travel List

One of the things I love about traveling is discovering new things. When planning a trip, there’s always a strong urge to jam in as much vacation fun as possible. But packing your days too tight can be a recipe for disaster. When kids get tired, they get cranky and cranky kids take all of the fun out of even the best family adventures. I always plan trips with the thinking someday I’ll be back. It sets the tone for more relaxed, better vacations.

At Ciao Bambino, we all have long “must go back to” lists. The destinations that top our lists …