How to Choose the Right River Rafting Trip for Your Family

Our family loves multi-day river rafting trips for the same reason we love any type of outdoor vacation: We get a chance to escape the daily routine, evade technology and screens for a few days, and bathe ourselves in nature. And unlike many vacations as parents, we don’t arrive back home more exhausted than when…

Red Horse Mountain Ranch: A Great Dude Ranch Getaway Even If You Don’t Ride

Considering a dude ranch family vacation but not a fan of horseback riding? Choosing the right dude ranch vacation is key to enjoying the experience. My family spent a week at Red Horse Mountain Ranch in Idaho and I expected to ride each day, but on the third day, I realized that I was happier off the…

Family Ski Vacations: Kids’ Lesson and Childcare Round Up

Even if you go to a resort where kids ski free, family ski vacations are expensive. Skiing is also a lot of work. But done right, the payoff is huge when every member of the family is active and having fun.

The better the amenities and facilities, the better the experience (see our article on how to choose the best family-friendly ski areas). A good kids’ ski program is essential.