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Best Itinerary for a Costa Rica Family Vacation

If you are dreaming of a trip where you “do” with your kids instead of supervising them, Costa Rica is the ultimate participatory family adventure travel vacation. Don’t let the word “adventure” scare you, Costa Rica with kids doesn’t need to be all thrills, or all animals, or all beach for that matter – you can fit a taste of everything into the right itinerary.

Costa Rica is easy to access with two international airports, Liberia and San Jose.

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Why Families Love to Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an increasingly popular adventure family travel destination. With good reason! The list of thrilling things to see and do is long and Costa Rica has done a phenomenal job of protecting and preserving its vast natural resources for the world to enjoy. From National Parks and Biological Reserves, to beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, to six active volcanoes, the biggest challenge in enjoying Costa Rica with kids is deciding what to do.

We just spent a week in Central America with Kensington Tours and learned first-hand why families love to vacation in Costa Rica:

Quetzal in Monteverde Costa Rica

Photo Friday: Costa Rica with Kids

We’re in Costa Rica this week with the award-winning tour operator Kensington Tours. Extraordinary family travel moments are the norm here — I can’t wait to share all the details of our experience.

In the meantime, here’s a peek at a highlight from our family trip in Costa Rica. We saw not just one, but three different Quetzal birds in Monteverde.

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Spring Break 2013 Brainstorm by Family Travel Experts

Spring break is around the corner and some of us, including me, don’t have plans in place yet. It’s an interesting period for travel in North America as a beach holiday and a family ski vacation are both still possibilities. Meanwhile, airfares to Europe can be less than during the packed summer season making that international journey more affordable. You give up weather …

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Happy Travels in 2011, Looking Forward to 2012

Sometimes I wonder how my family fits it all in. Life with a teen and tween is busier than I ever imagined which makes me appreciate our time together traveling even more.

It’s time to explore new places and relax, instead of finishing homework and racing off to swim practice. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to visit some fabulous places this year. And along with great destinations came equally impressive family-friendly hotels and resorts.

Kids Horseback Riding Belize

Mystic River Resort: A Kid-Friendly Jungle Lodge in Belize

We recently added Mystic River Resort in Belize to our portfolio of family-friendly hotels. The reviewer raved about the resort so much that we wanted to share more details with CB readers.

This is an interview with Leanne Armstrong about her family vacation in Belize and their stay at the property. Leanne and her husband traveled with their three children ages 9, 11 and 14.


Family Vacation in the Jungle of Costa Rica

Exploring places off the beaten path is one of my favorite things about traveling. But planning a family vacation with a tour operator makes that a little difficult. It’s hard for a destination to have that undiscovered, almost exotic allure when you’re walking in a group of 30 or more. Hard, but not impossible.

When we went on our family trip to China, Guilin amazed us all. It was the part of the tour that lead us to the Li River, in other words, tourist central …

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Kids and Costa Rica Kritters

Kids and kritters go hand in hand and can often guarantee a family trip’s success. Lucky for parents, animals are pretty much everywhere. And when I say animals, I’m not talking about just big wow factor animals. My girls have been mesmerized by pandas in China, charmed by “sweaters on legs” (also known as sheep) in Northern Ireland and enthralled by snails in France. Yes, snails. Nothing surprises me anymore.

So along comes a trip that is all animals all the time. I expected Costa Rica …

The Allure of Costa Rica and Panama for Families

Beginning in the 1970’s, Central America gained a big following among surfers and hard-core eco-explorers; especially Costa Rica, because over a quarter of its land is set aside as protected nature preserves. Even so, most families did not consider a trip to Costa Rica, Panama, or Central America in general as a viable option for traveling with kids—until recently.

I’ve been traveling to Central America since the early 1990’s and twice in the last four years, I’ve taken my wife and kids on guided tours to Costa Rica and Panama.

Photo Friday: Visiting Costa Rica with Kids

Costa Rica has a lot going for it as a family vacation destination. This tiny Central American country between Nicaragua and Panama is different enough to feel exotic, but safe enough that you won’t worry about bringing your kids there. Since it’s due south of Florida, you won’t have to worry too much about jetlag either.

My husband and I took our kids to Costa Rica for a whirlwind week last March. It was a great trip, but we didn’t relax much.