5 Places to See the Northern Lights

5 Incredible Places to See the Northern Lights

Ribbons of teal, green and magenta streaking and dancing across the sky in a dramatic, otherworldly light show, the Northern Lights are at the top of many traveler’s bucket lists. This phenomenon, scientifically known as aurora borealis, is the result of charged particles released by the sun colliding with gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere,…

Travel with College-Age Kids

9 Places to Make Family Travel Memories with College-Age Kids

They grow up so fast. Everyone knows the sentiment, but few parents actually grasp it – until it happens. When our children are babies, as parents we control the family schedule. We can travel when and where we want. Once school begins, an academic calendar, and everything from athletic team competitions to dances and driving…

10 Places in North America That Feel Like an Exotic Escape

Traveling abroad with kids introduces them to new cultures and alluring locations that open up the entire world for them. But with hectic work and school schedules, not to mention rising costs, jetting overseas with your family isn’t always within reach. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel to the far corners of the earth for…

2017 Family Travel Ideas

2017 Family Travel Ideas: Where We’re Going This Year

Happy New Year! We can’t wait to help families create amazing travel memories in 2017 … and while we’re at it, we’ll be creating a few of our own. Here are some of the places we’re looking forward to visiting this year. What’s on your 2017 travel wish list? Family Vacation Inspiration for 2017 I’m kicking off the…


Best Ski Free Deals for Families this Season

Skiing is one of the best family vacations ever. The only downside is that this beloved sport is expensive. Once you add in lessons, lodging, equipment, and tickets, skiing becomes cost prohibitive for families. Fortunately, family-friendly ski resorts are plentiful and many are doing their best to take the sting out of the cost by offering ‘kids ski free’ deals.

At some resorts, this perk is just for very young children so the benefit is short-lived. While at others like Keystone Resort, Steamboat, Mt. Bachelor, Killington, and Sun Valley, school-age kids get a big break too.


Classic Canada with Family at Fairmont Le Château Montebello

I discovered Canada last year during a no-kid trip to Vancouver. It took me just three months to make it back to British Columbia, this time to explore Richmond with my daughter. The list of great neighborhoods and activities grew quickly, but when it came to getting the feel of classic Canada, the third time was the charm.

Halfway between Ottawa and Montreal, the Fairmont Le Château Montebello, exudes Canada.