London: Favorite Kid-Friendly Activities

This summer we took our kids to London for a week. We have fabulous memories, and with four young kids, we quickly figured out what works and what doesn’t. With that perspective in mind, I put together comprehensive tips for, A Traveling Mom’s Tips for Visiting London With Kids.

London is an amazing city and a great starting point for families wanting to experience an international destination for the first time.

Photo Friday: London From a Double Decker Bus

When arriving into a major city, a tour is a fun and easy way to help you get oriented more quickly while giving you a chance to see most of the sights. The ability to narrow a list of must-see sights down when traveling with kids is key, but that can be difficult when there is a long list of great things to visit.

The bus tours take care of that. You get a highlight of everything from the comfort of the bus. This saves those little feet from trekking all over. Take advantage of the hop-on hop-off options and go back a visit the sights that piqued your interest.