Family Vacation Meal Ideas by Amanda Haas

I have a love-hate relationship with kitchens on vacation. Although access can dramatically reduce trip costs, not to mention is more relaxing than restaurants with young kids, figuring out what you are able to cook in an unfamiliar place can be a real chore.

Good news, there’s a new family-friendly cookbook out by Bay Area-based chef Amanda Haas, Cooking Light Real Family Food, that takes the sting out the entire family vacation meal planning process.

Looking for Holiday Meal Ideas?

It can be difficult (especially for kids) not to be home for the holidays. Sure, there’s the excitement of exploring a different location, be it Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Phoenix or a ski resort in the Alps, but on Christmas morning, you sometimes can’t help but crave the comfort of home.

That’s where the power of food comes in. While there are many things you can’t bring with you when you travel, recipes actually travel quite well!

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Family-Friendly Recipes for Ski Weekends

During my last ski trip over President’s Day weekend, it dawned on my that one of the issues we always face when we rent a home or condo is what to cook for dinner. After a full day of skiing and/or ski school, expecting kids to sit through a restaurant meal is a recipe for disaster.

Regardless if you spend the day on the slopes, the logistics alone of getting your kids and their stuff to ski school means elaborate meals if any kind are totally unappealing. Add in the fact that your favorite ski …