Photo Friday: Vacations, A Way to Stop Going

Is there anything better than a baby falling asleep on your chest? Now imagine that on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches. One of my favorite experiences in life is when I can settle down enough and my babies can settle down enough to doze off together. The set-up here at Grace Bay Club in Turks and Caicos was just what we needed this summer for a lot of rest and relaxation.

The other day my son said to me, “Mom, at home you’re always so busy. That’s why I like vacation. You and dad just hang out.” Buddy, me too! At home, there’s always something the has to be done. On vacation, everything stops! The computer, blackberry, iphone and TV’s are off (or at least well hidden). The “to do” list is gone and we just get to be together. I crave that time with my kids. In a good economy or bad, it’s something that as a busy family, we simply have to carve out. It doesn’t even matter where we go, but just that we’re out of our house. Now that my kids are old enough to articulate what it means to them, it’s even more valuable.

For me, when I look at this picture, I remember to take a deep breath and for a moment, slow down and try to connect in the same way we do when we’re on vacation.

This photo is part of Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday.

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  • I loved that picture!! It is so important to have “stress-free” time with your children. They love to spend quality time with you when the attention is on them and not five other things.

  • I always wonder why so many people seem to have to go, go, go when they’re on vacation. Slowing down and connecting with your loved ones really should be one of the major points, as you so wonderfully point out.

  • Sweet picture and I so agree!! That is why we sold our dream house & almost everything we own in 2005 and decided to live life on a permanent family vacation! That peace is what we strive for!
    We did not want to miss that precious fast moving time with our child. We own no blackberry, no ipod, no wii, no TV, no iphone and have no “to do” list and no work to go to. We do have 3 laptops for homeschool & connection, but spend most of the time unplugged and mostly hanging out together in nature.
    We find we can live large & have a better quality of life on just25K while we travel the world than we could live on at home! Travel does not cost much, maintaining stuff does.
    I think this economy will help people realize more deeply what is truly important .

  • Awwww….Yep, I know exactly what you mean, even though I have no own kids myself. Kids and puppies does the same for me. And makes me smile and laugh even if I’m down. They’re just irresistible.

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