Photo Friday: Review of Legoland’s New Water Park

We spent last weekend in San Diego and had the opportunity to check out the new Legoland Water Park. My favorite thing about Legoland in general is that it’s so optimized for toddlers and school-aged kids. You don’t have to worry about rides that are too scary (using your judgement based on your kids) and unruly teens.

The Water Park has the same appeal with water-focused fun.

The park is built around a tower with slides coming off of it and a “build-a-raft” lazy river (pictured above) where kids can add giant legos to their own inner-tube raft.

There’s a big orange open slide for 6-person rafts. I like that families have the opportunity to have fun together on a single raft. There are also one-person tube slides (see the blue tube above), but I didn’t manage to get any good shots of it. Thumbs up on both slides from my 7-year-old!

A mini-version of slides with a giant-sized wading pool is perfect for toddlers.

There’s even a mini-version of a lazy river for little kids.

And, a sandy area for families that want to chill and take a break outside of the water.

The “splash tower” creates lots of giggles.

Good news, the park is chock-full of lifeguards and overall it feels like a safe, well-managed attraction.

Bad news, I was disappointed to discover that the Water Park costs an additional $10 for every member of the family that enters – even if you are not in the water. For our party of 4 including a 78-year-old grandmother (I was not swimming either), that meant we had to cough up an additional $49 (lockers are $9) for 2 kids to spend an hour at this attraction. When the average family of 4 already pays $248 in tickets to get into the park, an “I’m being nickel and dimed” feeling emerges. I understand paying extra to participate in a special activity, but don’t charge the parents and grandparents that are there to supervise only.

That negative tidbit aside, the Water Park is a kid-pleasing addition to Legoland. For more Photo Friday fun, head over to Delicious Baby.

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  1. Thank you for posting about Lego Land again. I am taking my son there soon for his birthday and he’s so excited. I didn’t know there was water park there. We will make sure we pack some swimmers!

  2. Great post… Seems like an fine place for kids! I hope my soon will enjoy there… Thanks also for information about pricing…

  3. Thanks for the great article. Love the pictures. Did you feel that the park was crowded? Is the water cold? Thanks.

  4. Hi Chris,

    The park itself was filled with people but it was a Saturday. They limit the number of people that can access the water slide area so it did not feel too crowded. The kids were fine in the water but we were there on a cloudy day so they were definitely cold while in line etc …

  5. We have season passes to both Legoland, the Water Park and Sea Life. The water park is so great in the summer and great before school gets out and also when kids go back to school. I understand how you feel about having to pay $10 extra even when you are not going into the water but my child isn’t old enough so I have to go with him.

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