Photo Friday: Pet-Friendly Hotels

This week’s Photo Friday post is a shot of my boys during a recent excursion to Rodeo Beach and the spectacular Cavallo Point Lodge in Marin near San Francisco. Many of us have a “first born” that is 4-legged — the people that have had the experience of raising a puppy before children universally share a laugh around the fact that we all thought that dogs were so much work and great preparation for kids. A week with a newborn shatters that fantasy!

I’m thrilled that more and more hotels at all quality levels are accepting pets. In Europe, this has been the case for years, but this is a recent trend on this side of the pond. We just added The Westin Verasa Napa to our portfolio — during our recent visit there were so many dogs walking through the lobby that someone asked me if there was a dog show in town. There are also some brands like Kimpton Hotels that accept dogs across their portfolio and offer an array of pet-friendly amenities — the Sky Hotel in Aspen offers a Pet Package complete with doggie day care and Hotel Palomar Washington DC offers pet massage.

It is important to note that hotels have varying weight restrictions for dogs they allow and price policies. Be sure to include your dog in the reservation and confirm any applicable fees — I’ve seen pricing range from $25 to $100 a night, i.e. pet fees can be a substantial addition to your nightly room rate.


  1. funny you should post about this – I was just reading about the Fairmont hotels in Vancouver – in addition to allowing dogs as guests, they each have a hotel dog that guests can take for a walk!

  2. We actually found a dog-friendly B&B last time we stayed out east in Coventry, CT…the Daniel Rust House
    The gals who have it previously had a dog grooming biz, and they’d even groom or sit for your dog while you were a guest at the inn. And they were so thrilled about a blog post I did about our stay, that they asked to link to it.

    We stay at a lot of B&Bs, and the fact that they mention when they have an inn dog or cat often makes us lean towards booking the place 🙂

  3. Cute photo! We actually use to travel with our Himalayan cat all the time, from Baja to Yosemite, LA & Santa Barbara etc with no problems, but have no experience with a dog.

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