Photo Friday: Parents Only Tahiti Getaway

We are one of those lucky families that have grandparents that are willing and able to provide childcare when we are out of town. My in-laws have watched Devon for 7-14 days at a time every year since he was born. We’ve taken full advantage of this and have used this time for parents only getaways to Mexico, Italy, Thailand, Belize, and Tahiti. This year we are heading to Australia and New Zealand — we leave Sunday!

These trips provide an opportunity for us to refresh and reconnect. Yes, it’s a long time to be away, but at the end of the day it makes us better parents, plus it allows our son to closely bond with grandparents that live out of town. Last year was our Tahiti trip. It was fantastic! The scenery is spectacular — an excellent subject for Photo Friday. What differentiates Tahiti is that it is underdeveloped compared to other tourist-oriented beach destinations. The landscape and Polynesian culture is exotic and wonderful — the water is outrageously blue. The shot above is Bora Bora and the shot below was taken on the island of Moorea.

The water is so clear and shallow in parts that a popular tourist activity is swimming with rays. These graceful, gorgeous creatures swim right for you as soon as the boat is anchored. Here’s one coming to say hello.

If these parents only trips are supposed to be romantic, Tahiti fits the bill. We were treated to some amazing sunsets.

Is Tahiti kid-friendly? Most definitely. I think it’s a long way to travel for a beach with young kids, but older kids will appreciate the fantastic ocean activities. We don’t dive, but the snorkeling is incredible. We’ll publish a review or two of some family-friendly hotels in Tahiti in the near future. In the meantime, we’re off on another adventure. Check out more Photo Friday posts on Delicious Baby.


  1. Beautiful pictures and I completely agree with you Amie – any time away is a good thing. We recently enjoyed a few nights at a resort in Arizona while the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. Totally recharged my mom batteries.

  2. Sounds like a very romantic escape….any time sans kids feels very romantic to us these days! Would love to make it Tahiti one day and can’t wait to hear about your adventures in New Zealand (that is very high on our travel list).

  3. Sounds like you will have a great parent-only trip. I agree that we need to recharge our battery to help us to be better parents. 🙂 Enjoy. I’m so jealous. The pictures look amazing.

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