Photo Friday: Cape Cod

This weeks pictures are of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. There’s something classic about this summer playground formed by the peninsula that jets off mainland Massachusetts and creates a lazy summer destination for generations of families that visit year after year. The “Cape,” as locals call it, feels like a throw back in time, dotted with cranberry bogs, salt-washed shingled homes and towns that look like they are straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. In each area of the Cape, you’ll find lively discussions about which shack has the best lobster rolls or which shop offers the best homemade ice cream.

With over 500 miles of beach, there is the “right” beach for everyone. Those of us with younger children like the calm shores of Buzzards Bay. With plenty of tide pools loaded with creatures, these beaches are sure to keep the kids busy for hours. Then there is also the long open stretch of the National Sea Shore that has more challenging waves and amazing vistas.

What we love about the Cape is that it offers us a place to connect with family. We unplug from our busy lives and embrace our unplanned time and relaxing rituals of summer. However, when you’ve had enough of the beach and sun, there are plenty of accessible family activities. Because we’re here all summer, we have horseback riding, tennis, sailing, and hockey scheduled in, but there is plenty to do on a whim. There are mini-golf courses, go-carts (our favorite), trampolines, Cape Cod League Baseball (Best college players in the nation), hiking trails, biking trails, boat trips, camps – you name it. For a comprehensive list of summer activities check out Cape Cod Kidz or Cape Cod Kids.

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Photo Friday: Cape Cod

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  1. That picture of the little girl is amazing. Although I live in a beach town, I still crave an East Coast beach getaway. You folks take vacations seriously!

  2. I’m going to check out some of the links to help plan my East coast trip next summer. I’m glad to know there’s so many good homemade ice cream places to visit.

  3. when I was 6 my family and I moved to the US from Russia. The very first trip we ever took was to Cape Cod. I have returned there many times after that. It’s extra special to me becasue of that!

  4. Why does just the mention of Cape Cod make me want to grab a soft blanket and sit on a front porch and listen to the waves?! The middle picture is great!

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