News: New Kids Club and Kids Pool Search Feature

As kids get older, finding an ideal vacation venue often means more than finding functional guest rooms and a kid-friendly attitude. Specifically, many parents seek properties with kids clubs. The best clubs are fun for children and give adults some down time — everyone wins.

When researching a trip, finding properties with kids clubs is a good first step, however, there is more you need to know before booking rooms.

Age Minimums:
Every property has them. It would very frustrating to count on using a kids club, only to find that your child is too young to participate … after arrival.

Pricing: Some kids clubs are free, some price by activity, and others by session. The point is that there is that every club is different and you will want to factor this into the trip budget, if necessary.

I have some good news for Ciao Bambino fans — you can now quickly narrow down a list of properties with kids clubs by minimum age and cost.

This can be done using the Quick Search box located on the top of every page on Ciao Bambino or via Extended Search. Note, that the cost part of the search is based on clubs that are free vs. not free; most of our reviews include specific price details in our Families Should Know tab.

We’ve also added the ability to search for properties that have kids pools. This is key for the parents of young children that don’t necessarily want to be IN the pool all the time (like me) …

I’m excited about these changes to Ciao Bambino. There’s never enough time in the day to get things done and these new features will make it easier than ever to quickly narrow down a list of the best accommodation options in a given destination.

We love feedback. Do you have any additional features you’d like to see? Email [email protected].

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