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What Do Our Kids Learn on Vacation?

My 11-year-old daughter Ellie asked me about travel writing and if she could write a post for the Ciao Bambino blog. She wrote this post on what travel means to her — I’m astounded to read what she’s learned on our family vacations! To think I was wondering if our kids are really learning while we’re traveling …

Ellie in Trafalgar Square, London. Photo Credit Nancy Solomon

What Travel Means to Me

By Ellie Solomon, Age 11

To me travel means that you get to see how other people live and more about their beliefs. You know the saying the more you look the more you see, well, that’s exactly what it is. Because when you learn about one thing and see it somewhere then you begin to connect it to other things. Like a puzzle. For example, when we went to Rome we saw all these Gothic buildings from around 1400-1600’s. Then in Paris, we saw exactly the same thing. So, I figured that was the architectural style from that time period, the Renaissance. It’s like a never-ending puzzle. Billions of pieces add end up to a picture.

I love to read and I also love to travel, so books about other places are some of my favorites. Earlier I read a book about the Montatumbe Warrior Queen in Africa. Well, because a while ago nobody understood about things that they hadn’t seen yet, so they believed that the gun people took with them (London) were rods that shot lightning.

Before we went to London I read a book about Queen Elisabeth the First and her family before she was queen. Then when we visited that places like the Tower of London, where that story had taken place made it more exciting.

In Italy it was really cool to see how people lived. On the coast they had gardens on the rooftops, clotheslines and delicious home-made pasta. If you ever go to Italy that is the first thing to try. In America we buy all our stuff at the grocery store and we use dryers and dishwashers. I think it’s so cool that they have home gardens because they have fresh herbs and vegetables. So everyone here is eco-friendly, just by their lifestyle. Why not try having a clothing line and growing your own garden. Instead of buying pasta make your own pasta. You save packaging etc.

Paris! Photo Source Nancy Solomon

I also love traveling because it’s family time. I will never forget my brother’s 6th birthday in Paris. Imagine that, waking up in Paris and knowing it’s your birthday. It was so fun. We went to this awesome carnival with a giant Ferris wheel, bumper cars, be-be guns trapeze trampolines and a miniature Eiffel tower made out of ropes.

I love where I’ve gone and I’d love to see more. I look forward to going to Spain, Poland, Holland, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and Portugal. Maybe even Africa, if I can deal with all the shots.

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  • Hi Ellie! Your blog was excellent. I love the way you compared your discoveries on various trips to puzzle pieces. What a great way to describe the knowledge you have acquired on your travels. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip to Paris when we get back to school! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Love, Mrs. Sheehan

  • Ellie,
    What a fantastic article and how right you are! Nothing expands one’s horizons or gives one perspectives on the world as much as travel does. I’m delighted to see that you’ve already caught the passion for it, which comes through so clearly in your writing, and is contagious!
    Your curiosity about the world and its people will take you far;
    your understanding and compassion for all the world’s people and animals will ensure that you put what you learn on your journeys to good use to enrich your own life and that of others
    as well.
    Looking forward to reading more of your articles!
    Wishing you safe and happy travels,

  • I love this post. I so admire Ellie’s voracious appetite for reading, travel, learning, and life! And I must say, I am crazy about Ellie’s sophisticated fashion choices!

  • That might have been what an 11 year old intended to write but it sure was edited, enhanced and embellished by an adult.

  • Dear Ellie,
    What an amazing description of your travels you posted. I think your entry complements your mother’s articles beautifully. It is so important to get each person’s perspective on a trip. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you for the comments. You asked where would I like to wake up on my birthday. Hmm, that’s hard to pick, but I’d have to say Spain. I read a great book that made we want to go there and I could practice my Spanish. – Ellie

  • Ellie! What fun to read your impressions of your travels.
    I travelled quite a lot as a child as well and I remember my teacher complaining when my parents wanted yet again to take me out of school for a family “vacation”. My mom said “Nonesense. She’ll learn more travelling than she ever will in school”. Seems like you’re doing your fair share of learning on the road as well!

  • Ellie, what a great article you wrote. You are so right….traveling does make you aware of how other people live and how different it is than the US. Please write more….I love to see and hear about all the places you go!

  • Bravissima Ellie.
    You are well on your way to becoming a great travel writer.
    I look forward to your next adventure. And I have to ask you – if you could wake up somewhere else on your birthday – where would you want it to be?

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