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Our Favorite Travel-Themed Books for Children

There’s been a steady rise in travel- and place-inspired children’s picture books in recent years, all of which will capture imaginations and inspire wanderlust in both young and old. From America’s National Parks to the wonders of the world to how real children live day-to-day in their corners of the globe, these gorgeous books are perfect for raising little global citizens.

Best Travel Books for Children

10 Great Travel Books for Children

Mice in the City: Around the World by Ami Shin

Stanley Mouse is off on a trip around the globe in this cute Where’s Waldo?-style book. Try to spot him in the bustling streets of Rio De Janeiro or on safari in Estosha National Park, Namibia!

Best for: ages 3 and up

Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World

The latest from the Atlas of Adventures family, this oversize 83-page book showcases 30 natural and man-made wonders, from Uluru and the Taj Mahal to Petra, Jordan and the Tower of Pisa. Each of the wonders is spread over two pages, with a commanding illustration, a handful of facts and a small pullout map to give a sense of geography. This is one of our family favorites to inspire and dream about travel adventures.

Best for: ages 6 and up

Her Right Foot by Dave Eggers

The story of the Statue of Liberty’s arrival from France to New York is told with whimsy and delight in this picture book by esteemed author Dave Eggers. Along with facts about the statue, the book goes on to ponder the position of Lady Liberty’s right foot, which is not still but in mid-stride. What could this mean and what does it say about what Lady Liberty symbolizes? A broader message of freedom and friendship make this book feel even more relevant during these turbulent times.

Best for: ages 5 and up

Best Travel Books for Children

Grand Canyon by Jason Chin

Accompany a father and daughter as they embark on a journey through the 277-mile-long, 18-mile- wide Grand Canyon, a geological and ecological marvel of the grandest proportions. Loaded with facts and illustrations of animals and plants, such as the rare California condor, that call the canyon home, the book is meticulously researched and information-packed. Yet it retains the sense of wonder and mystery that comes with visiting such a grand place.

Best for: ages 8 and up

This is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from around the World by Matt Lamothe

What might a child eat for breakfast in Uganda? How do kids get to school in Russia, and how do they spell their name in Iran? What games do children play in India? Follow seven real children as they share a bit about a typical day in their respective parts of the world and their family lives. Reading this book with my own child has helped us to appreciate the world’s diversity as well as delight in our shared humanity. We are more alike than different, even if we eat different foods or have different sleeping arrangements at night.

Best for: ages 7 and up

A World of Cities by James Brown

With a vintage travel poster-aesthetic, this oversize book shares nuggets of facts and history from some of the world’s most famous cities, including Sydney, Prague, New Delhi and Athens. Kids will learn that Hong Kong’s national symbol is the orchid flower; that Venice has 177 canals and 400 gondolas; and that whales come to mate in the coastal waters off Cape Town from August to November.

Best for: ages 7 and up

Best Travel Books for Children

A Walk in Paris by Salvatore Rubbino

Sweet illustrations tell the story of a girl and her grandfather as they explore Paris on foot, stopping to taste cheese, climb to the top of Notre Dame, ride the Metro, visit the Tulieries Gardens and more. Rubbino’s A Walk in London and A Walk in New York are equally fantastic.

Best for: ages 4 and up

National Parks of the U.S.A. by Kate Siber

From the Great Smoky Mountains and Yellowstone to Alaska’s Denali and lesser-known parks like the Channel Islands, this 112-page book is a kid-friendly introduction to our National Parks. Divided by region and presented in digestible nuggets about animals and plants, notable features and history, Siber’s book feels like a reference guide and resource you’ll come back to again and again.

Best for: ages 6 and up

A Journey Through Art: A Global History by Aaron Rosen

From prehistoric and ancient art in Jerusalem to medieval art in Florence to modern art in Seoul, this approachable book serves as a cultural encyclopedia for young readers. Sharing details about places like the Alhambra in Spain, with its stunning Islamic architecture, to the totem poles of the Haida people, among the First Nations inhabiting the Pacific Northwest, this book highlights that art, culture and place have been intertwined for millennia.

Best for: ages 9 and up

Living In…

This nonfiction series is a great way for early readers to follow along as children share what it’s like to grow up in India, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, China and other places. The text often highlights holidays celebrated in that country, plus history and animals and plants native to the region.

Best for: ages 5 and up

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