Postcard from Iceland: Dogsledding Across Langjokull Glacier

Dog sledding in IcelandThere are a few ways to venture out onto Langjokull Glacier — the second-largest ice cap in Iceland, a couple hours north of Reykjavik. If you have an animal lover in the family, one of the best ways to experience the glacier is from the back of a dog sled.

Upon arrival at the sledding location, guests learn what it is like to be a musher, greeting the dogs and helping prepare the sleds by outfitting the team with booties and harnesses. Soon you are gliding across the pristine white snow with nothing but blue sky above and volcanic black, white-tipped peaks in the distance. While the speed is slow and steady, the experience is still exhilarating.

Since my daughter has always dreamed of dog sledding and watching the Iditarod, this was a wish come true for her. I asked her to describe it in her words, and this is what she wrote:


The snow shines white
Under the sun,
As paws churn it endlessly,
Running to the horizon.

The wind howls softly
Sounding almost like a dog that is
Aching to run free.

I, a human,
Stand in back willing the dogs
Ever forward,
So I can feel the
Exhilaration of flying over the slush.

The dogs are the embodiment
Of the glacier and the sled,
Pulling and running,
Until we reach the end of the world.

—Hannah Gruber

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Editor’s Note: Photo by Tamara Gruber. 

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