Hello Disney Dream

When I received an invitation to the inaugural voyage of the Disney Dream Cruise ship, believe it or not, I paused. While I think it’s fun to go to a Disney park every so often, I’m just not the type that can use my vacation dollars to go to Disney ever year. Plus, I’m terrified of cruises (funny, right?).

The other thing that I find hard with Disney trips is the sheer number of children. Being around massive amounts of kids means that at any given point someone’s kid is going to be losing it. Disney is such an stimulating environment that kids get overwhelmed easily — as do I for that matter. With four kids, I have enough of our own chaos!

Okay, that said, I am a mom and the thought of my sons’ face beaming in Disney delight is just too alluring — I booked the cruise. I decided to bring just my 7-year-old son, Joe with me. It’s a special treat for him because he’s had to go through so much testing and allergy related medical treatment lately. A Disney experience is just the perfect thing for him right now.

Thank goodness Disney is supposed to be great with allergies. We’ll be able to put this to the test. Joe is on an “Elimination” diet, which means he’s off gluten, dairy, soy, beef, corn (including corn syrup), eggs, nuts and shellfish. How’s that for fun traveling! It makes it tough to stay anywhere, including home, so it will be interesting to see how we fare.

I must admit that after spending time looking at all of the ship amenities online, I’m excited! Stay tuned for my report …

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