Live Like a Local in Florence

Many families prefer renting apartments in European cities as they offer more value and living space than traditional hotel rooms.

My issue with apartments is that standalone units can be a quality risk unless you are diligent about checking references (see my post on finding the best family-friendly vacation rental for more tips and links to resources). Moreover, the management of an apartment may be nonexistent which leaves you without someone to help with planning and logistics in a foreign environment.

This is the exact reason we don’t profile many standalone apartments or villas on Ciao Bambino, but instead prefer to recommend managed options where guests have access to amenities and resources.

Della Robbia Apartment Florence Italy

One such option in Florence is via Windows on Italy, an agency owned by the Ferragamo family. Many of the apartments offered are owned by the agency versus individual owners; they are decorated and serviced with care. It’s a perfect middle ground for families who want apartment living and reliable quality.

The only thing to figure out is location and style – as the units are spread across Florence. I’ve seen many of their properties over the years, we’ve had readers stay in them, and I stayed in one last year. Favorites include: Della Robbia, Michelangelo (where we stayed with a small terrace overlooking the Duomo) and Cellini.

At the time of inquiry, be sure and make clear that you want something age-appropriate which means minimal stairs and dangerous obstacles for babies and toddlers as older buildings in Florence may have hazards. Apartments are available for short and long term rentals, although minimum rental requirements vary by unit.

If an apart-hotel where units are centralized  is more appealing or you’d prefer to stay in a hotel with full amenities and staff, be sure and check out our Florence family-friendly hotel recommendation list.

Editorial Note: This is not a sponsored post. We’ve sent many happy clients to Windows on Italy over the years. I was given complimentary lodging last year so I could experience one of their units myself. I was not asked to express a particular point of view. As always, we never personally endorse anything on Ciao Bambino we don’t believe in and would recommend to a friend.

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  1. Hello! I’ve recently started researching a family trip to Italy for later this year – my husband, and 2 year old son will be spending 3 weeks in this beautiful country and we’re all a bit nervous about traveling to a new country with a toddler – your site has been exteremely helpful! However, the links noted above don’t seem to be working correctly – all of them link back to the Luxury Family Hotels & resorts- which is a great link, But i was really looking forward to getting info on the “most popular Family friendly itinerary”

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