About the CB! Hotel Collection

About The CB! Hotel Collection

The CB! Hotel Collection is a hand-selected, curated list of the best hotels and resorts for families around the world. All of our reviews are based on real experiences and written by parents — the only credible source of intel on what works and doesn’t work with kids.

All properties featured on Ciao Bambino! have been thoroughly vetted before becoming part of our portfolio.

  • CB! Approved properties have been personally experienced by a member of the Ciao Bambino team.
  • Community Recommended properties have been personally experienced by Ciao Bambino! friends, family, or our community of readers.

Property Evaluation

Every property in the CB! Collection is reviewed using our unique approach that highlights the important factors families consider when selecting accommodations. We’ve identified five categories that enable families to quickly differentiate between properties and create a short-list of qualified options.

  • CB! Age Rating – All Ciao Bambino properties are great for families in general but children of different ages have vastly different needs. CB! Age Rating helps families understand how well a hotel accommodates your kids’ ages: Baby ReadyToddler FunSchool Age ActionCool for Teens
  • Accommodation Type – Every destination has a variety of property types that may be suitable for families. We help families understand the best options available with our accommodation category ratings: Resort, Hotel, Villa, Apartment
  • Location – Developing a successful itinerary means figuring out what you want to experience during your trip, and the immediate landscape that situates a hotel inevitably determines the range of possible activities. Our location category identifies: Countryside, City, Mountain, Lake, Seaside
  • Standard – Vacation time is precious and parents want to ensure that the quality level of a property meets trip goals and expectations. It is next to impossible to accurately determine the quality of a property online, so we help you the real picture with our standard category ratings: Simple, Upscale, Luxurious
  • Style – Enjoying one decor style over another is a matter of personal preference and can enhance or detract from a vacation. Our style category helps families understand the décor of a profiled property: Old World, Trendy, Boutique, Traditional, Contemporary

The goal of the Ciao Bambino portfolio is to showcase family-friendly accommodations. Please see our policies guide for details relating to the limitations in the review and presentation of property information.